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 Self Pay//

Our experienced  insurance billing team is dedicated to helping you understand your health insurance policy with the goal of securing coverage when you need it the most.

Jet Rescue Air Ambulance works diligently to ensure that its patients receive all of the health insurance benefits to which they are entitled. Our knowledge and experience is unrivaled in the air ambulance industry.

We will bill your insurance company directly so you can focus on what s really important,your loved one.

If you or your loved one does not have medical insurance, we will work with you, to secure payment either by credit card, wire transfer or check.

 Air Ambulance Insurance Billing//

Insurance Benefit Verification //


        +1 305-504 1093

We fight for what is rightfully yours



We Will :


  • Review patient's health

     insurance policy to identify

       air ambulance benefits.

  • Prepare documentation for

    insurance preauthorization,

    expediting approval

  • Appeal benefit claim denials on behalf of the patient.

  • Pursue litigation if insurance benefits are wrongfully withheld.

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